Final of the Championship of Professional Excellence “The Professionals“

«Участие в чемпионате - дело времени»

Championship of Professional Excellence “The Professionals“ is a competition aimed at demonstrating professional skills in the most popular and demanded professions.

Championship Final
25 - 29 November 2024


  • Students of vocational educational organizations – who are the winners or medalists of the regional Championships of Professional Excellence in a particular skill.

  • School students – students of Russian schools aged 14 and older who are the winners or medalists of the regional Championships of Professional Excellence in a particular skill.

  • Young enterprise specialists – at the age of 22-30 y.o working in the related to a particular skill field of industry.

  • Representatives of foreign countries:
    – school students aged 14 and older;
    – students of TVET institutions aged 16 and older;
    – young industry specialists aged 22 to 30 working in the field similar to a particular skill.

Championship programmes

Core programmeBusiness programme
Основная программаДеловая программа Основная программа
  • Основная программа
  • Деловая программа

    All visitors to the Championship final stage are given the opportunity to:
– "Immerse" in various professions through interactive formats of short professional trials that will allow to try hand as a professional in more than 30 areas;
– get acquainted with the best professional training venues in St. Petersburg;
– visit the leading Russian companies and study the best production, processing, maintenance and service technologies in various areas of economy;
– take a glance on the latest technologies demonstrated at the stands of the exhibition programme.

educational track (lectures and discussions on relevant areas);
industrial track (workshops by the best specialists, open dialogues with top managers of the largest enterprises);
political track (joint discussions with the leading scientists, researchers, government employees, industry representatives, and heads of educational organizations on cooperation strategies in the field of education and real economy);
social track (aimed at developing flexible skills required for career development of young professionals).

There will also be opportunities to exchange best practices in various economy and industry areas, to hold professional discussions, to organize business meetings and sign agreements with a purpose to transfer technology and create opportunities for participating in new projects.